How to deal Texas Hold’em pocket and community cards

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How to deal Texas Hold’em pocket and community cards

How to deal Texas Hold’em cards

If a gambler is going to play in any Poker room, he has to know how to deal Texas Hold’em, the game, which rules are the base for the other variants of this entertainment. There are many online videos devoted to the question of how to deal Poker Texas Hold’em cards. It will be better to watch them before any game (in a demo or in a real-money mode).

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How to deal Texas Hold’em cards and the game rules

The aim here is simple: to win, the player needs to collect the set of 5 cards (the hand), which can beat the hands of his opponents. The following rules are used:

  1. At least 2 players are required. Cards are always given to the players before bets are placed in turn.
  2. If it is not a live Poker, the dealer is usually chosen: in a real-time game, he even explains to the newcomers how to deal Texas Hold’em cards and distributes them.
  3. The bet is determined by the rules blinds. Blinds are mandatory bets that must be made by two players located at the table after the dealer.
  4. The game round is divided into four tours in which cards are dealt and bets are made.
  5. In total, each player receives two cards that are dealt only to him, and five community cards are placed in the middle of the table. The strongest possible hand must be formed from the top five of the seven cards.
  6. Each player is trying to get a meaningful combination (these possible hands and their ranks are presented at the table).

Royal Flush is an unbeatable combination paid 1:100. Thus, if a gambler bets 100 dollars and Ace+K+Q+J+10 (any suit) come to him, he will win 10 thousand. When players remember how to deal Ultimate Texas Hold’em cards and keep in mind the combinations payouts, they have more chances to win.

Features of other Poker games

Omaha is another type of game. If a person knows how to deal in Texas Hold’em with 2 pocket cards, he will deal with 4 cards in Omaha. Omaha Hi-Low is the variant where a person, who has the lowest hand, can also win as well as the one, who has collected the best hand. Other Poker variants’ features are as follows:

  • Poker games with 7 cards (Caribbean Stud and Hi-Lo Stud). Sometimes, cards here are open to players;
  • Draw that provides the possibility of exchanging inconvenient cards for cards that have not left the deck with the dealer in three circles. There are no cards open for opponents;
  • Horse, requiring maximum concentration and serious preparation from the participants, since it includes all the above types of Poker;
  • Fast Poker that limits players in the time of decision-making, speeds up the number of hands to 4 times in comparison with the game at the table;
  • Chinese Poker. An exotic game offering player to form a combination of 13 cards dealt with their hands. Exchanges are not provided.

It is always good to learn how to deal Texas Hold’em cards and evaluate the hands, and how a blind can estimate the bet. All these things are explained in Poker books and in free videos on the rules of card games.


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