How to count cards in blackjack: tips for players from professionals

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How to count cards in blackjack: tips for players from professionals

How to count cards in blackjack casino card game?

Blackjack is a simple and fun game with fast flow and quick wins. It’s very engaging. You can play up to 100 hands in an hour. So, you have a great opportunity to win a lot of money. Still, the house always has an advantage over gamblers in long term. That’s why players try to find the method that will change the things in their favor. This guide will help you with that and explain how to count cards in blackjack. It’ll also tell you when it’s possible to use this method and when not.

how to count cards in blackjack

How to count cards in blackjack: hands rating and blackjack card values

The winner in the game is determined by the best card combination. Top hand is called “Blackjack”. It should consist of Ace and any 10-point card. All other combinations that cost 21 points are nor “Blackjack”.

The cards in blackjack have the following value:

  • Ace – 1 or 11 points;
  • pictures and ten – 10 points;
  • numbers – according to the digit on the card.

If the value of the hand is 22 or more, you’ll automatically lose the round. The value of Ace depends on the combination you have. It’s counted whether 1 or 11 in your favor.

How to count cards in blackjack: the basics of blackjack card counting

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There are several myths about blackjack cards counting:

  1. You know what card exactly will be dealt. No, you just increase you edge over house.
  2. It‘s not possible to use the method online. Actually, it depends on how often the deck is shuffled. Also, you can actually see real dealer and cards in live games.
  3. Learning how to count cards in blackjack is incredibly difficult. It requires efforts, but it’s not rocket science. You can master it by practicing.

The idea of the method is to divide the deck into high, low and neutral cards. High cards can be marked as “-”, cause they favor players and give them better chances to receive “Blackjack”. It includes all pictures, 10 and Ace. Low cards should be marked as “+”. They’re 2 – 6. Cards from 7 to 9 are neutral.

So, round after round you count cards that are dealt. If there are more pluses in total, for example the score is +3, you’ll increase you bets because of better winning chances (more high cards are left in the game). On the other hand, you should lover the bets or stop betting when the score is -1 or less. Every time the deck is shuffled you should start the count from the beginning. The longer the session last without shuffling, the better edge over house you gain.


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