Hold’em hands and card ranking in a Poker game

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Hold’em hands and card ranking in a Poker game

Hold’em hands and their value

Once a person mastered Poker rules as a beginner, it’s particularly important to become familiar with the value of the card rankings and Hold’em hands. The player should always recognize whether he holding a good and promising combination to know whether it is worth betting. At the same time, a good Poker player should be able to estimate Texas Hold’em starting hands. This information will help him to make a choice: which cards should be hold.

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Hold’em hands ranking

This type of Poker is a base of all other game variants. Therefore, once a gambler manages to remember all card combinations and strategies to get them, he will start playing showing better results. There are only a few Texas Hold’em poker hands to keep in mind when playing this game:

  • The highest card. It is considered when no other meaningful combination appears;
  • Pair. 2 similar cards (in value, color does not matter);
  • 2 Pairs (two previous combinations like (9+9) + (7+7), for instance;
  • Three of a kind. 3 cards that have one and the same value and the suit are not taken into account again (K+K+K, for example);
  • Straight. Here, five cards must go “in a row” like 6-7-8-9-10, and they can have any suit and color;
  • Flush. It appears when a person gets 5 cards that have one and the same suit. Their value does not play any role. The example of it is 10, 8, J, 5, 9 Diamonds;
  • Full House. This is a sum of 3 of a Kind + 1 Pair;
  • 4 of a kind (This hand is also named “Poker” as well, and it has 4 cards that have one and the same value (four Queens);
  • Straight Flush = Straight with the cards that have the same suit;
  • Royal Flush — the combination that beats all other Hold’em hands and consists of five highest cards (from 10 to Ace) of the same color.

The highest hand can appear only once in a round, and it happens extremely rarely. Lower hands can be repeated sometimes.

Places to practice Hold’em

When computers appeared, many players started to use PC game versions. This stuff was available even without a net connection. The game was simply installed, and it could be played as long as the person wanted it. Usually, the rules and Texas Hold’em winning hands were explained there.

Further, when the Internet entered our life, online Poker simulators were invented. They could be used only online. Later, with the appearance of internet casinos, special Video Poker slots were offered to all who were interested in that card game. For many years now, guys that want to practice Hold’em can do it free at the most trusted casinos. Sometimes, even a registration on the resource is not required.


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